Many Ways to Die in Space

Men are now jumping from space in nothing but a plastic superhero suit and flying down to Earth. In space there are many ways to die.
There is no air to breathe and you will suffocate in minutes.
The atmospheric pressure is close to zero, so your blood will boil at body temperature and you will burst like a blood bomb in a few seconds.
If you attempt reentry to Earth, you will generate enough heat from fiction to burn up like a shooting star. Temperatures of 3,000 degrees Kelvin can be generated.
Typical speeds of anything in orbit around the Earth are several or tens of kilometers per second - many times faster than a bullet. Any piece of space junk hitting you at these speeds will go right though you, maybe even cutting you in two.
The temperature is - 110 degrees Celsius or lower. Surprisingly, you will not freeze to death, since the only method of losing heat is via radiation which is quite inefficient for a merely warm, not hot boy. There is no atmosphere, so no convection, and no solids, so no conduction.
You will starve or die of dehydration.
In the unlikely event that you fall to Earth alive, you will hit the ground at around 200 km/h. If you hit the ground you will die instantly, and if you are lucky enough to fall into water, you will break many bones and drown in a couple of minutes.

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